Summary of Dr Thomlinson CofE Middle School Careers Information

The CEIAG (Careers Education Information and Guidance) programme at Dr Thomlinson CofE Middle School aims to offer our students a stable careers programme that provides the opportunity for meaningful encounters with employers and employees from a range of different sectors throughout their time at the school. Through our rich and varied curriculum, we aim to provide students with opportunities to develop key skills which will help them in their future workplaces.

We have designated times in the school year in Year 8 which focus on good quality information about future study options and labour market opportunities and the required qualifications needed for these using the Cascaid Xello programme.

We link our curriculum learning to careers in the first place by offering a broad and balanced curriculum that places an importance on challenge whilst always endeavouring to play such learning in a context whereby pupils are offered opportunities to discover how they can apply the knowledge and skills learnt in subjects to future careers. Every classroom in the school has a dedicated careers display which outlines ways in which a curriculum subject can be linked to a future career.

We have a programme of encounters with employers and employees and this is primarily carried out through a programme of parents from a range of professions giving talks to our Year 8 pupils throughout the year.
In Key Stage Three all pupils have experience of at least one visit to a workplace in both Year 7 and Year 8 to help with the exploration of future career opportunities.

Our school is further developing our links with Newcastle University and Northumbria University in order to ensure our students are benefitting from encounters with further and higher education.

Dr Thomlinson CofE Middle School realises the importance of addressing the needs of each pupil and our students have different career guidance needs at different stages. We offer opportunities for advice and support tailored to the needs of each pupil and which embed equality and diversity considerations throughout. Examples of our actions in this regard can be seen with Primary Education; Make your £5 grow; celebrating National Careers Week; Celebrating National Science Week;

Dr Thomlinson CofE Middle School, in the first instance, measures and assesses its career programme against the Gatsby Career Benchmarks.  The impact of its programme is assessed through both pupil and parent voice as well as through a series of interviews carried out by the school’s senior leaders and academy councillors with each Year 8 pupil that both prepares the pupil for future workplace interviews and gives the school an insight into the effectiveness of its career programme.


For further information:

Our Headteacher, Liam Murtagh, has strategic leadership of our careers programme and can be contacted via our admin email address.

Parents, carers, students, employers and teachers can access the full details of our careers programme offer by contacting our School Office via our admin email address.

For further information on future careers we recommend that parents/carers and students access the National Careers Service via the following link –


Our school will next review the above information by July 15th, 2024