You can see the content of our school’s broad and balanced curriculum here.

If parents or other members of the public wish to find out more about the curriculum on offer then please do not hesitate to get in touch with the school by either contacting us via phone or via our email address [email protected].

Progress through the curriculum outlined is via Termly Reports to Parents/Carers.

These termly reports use the following terms:

  • Developing (“D”) – working within age related expectations but not yet securely
  • Expected (“E”) – the standard all students in the year group are aiming for
  • Mastered (“M”) – age-related objectives have been achieved and the student is working at a deeper level of understanding and application

In previous years we have used a traffic light colour system to represent this progression in our termly reports to Parents/Carers.  However, from Summer 2018, we have changed this due to parental feedback.  Reports to Parents now feature either a “D”; a “E” or a “M” – the letters corresponding to to reflect a child’s attainment.